Monday, 30 January 2017


Hygge. (pronounced hue-gah).
I came across this Danish word a few weeks ago. It was briefly mentioned but the idea of it intrigued me. I filed that word in my memory and Googled it when I got back home. I immediately fell in love with the concept and realised it was the word that I had always been looking for to describe those little pockets of time that I so treasured. Those moments of stillness when you're sitting alone admiring a view or cozied up in a blanket cocoon with a book or TV show. Or those moments when you're with some of your favourite people doing nothing but talking and enjoying the little things...The moments that leave you feeling warm, at peace and smiling on the inside. 

There is no English word equivalent to hygge and we can only attempt to explain the moments that creates it. Hygge is not so much one 'thing' but more of a philosophy or practice that preaches the importance of simplicity, slowing down and creating special out of the ordinary with company and things that you love. Many have used the example of curling up in front of the fireplace with a book, knitted blanket and a mug of something steaming (and this is what you can see if you Google hygge and look at images). This particular scenario is probably more relevant in the country of the word's origin where this concept of hygge is embedded in the Scandinavian culture. Perhaps it has some relation to how the Danish are statistically the happiest population in the world. It might also explain why the aesthetics of IKEA have always been so inviting and pleasing to the eye.

Hygge seems to be branching out to the rest of the world where the idea of 'less is more' is becoming more attractive and the desire to find peace amongst chaos is ever present. Candles, minimalistic design and those coveted super chunky knitted blankets have come into play - all of which aim to create hygge in your life.

I have always found the idea of retreat and rest important. As an introvert, time alone
to recharge is very precious to me. And I thought adopting a few ways to create hygge might make the recharge time extra rewarding.

1. Technology free time. Imagine that in today's world. People might think you're actually crazy if you don't have your head in Facebook, Instagram or the likes. A detox from all of that might be good from time to time. Take your eyes of the screen and appreciate your surroundings.

2. Creating a space that is rid of any work. Someone from some time ago once told me that you shouldn't make your bedroom your workspace because a resting space shouldn't be mixed with feelings of stress from work. While I fail at this and use my bedroom for both rest and work, I can imagine finding a space that is purely dedicated for rest and slowing down recuperating for the soul.

3. Creating warmth by playing with your senses. While candles and fairy lights seem really cliche and overused nowadays, I do believe they can transform a space into a more inviting and warm one. If you add some friends into that equation, you've got yourself a pretty hygge-ish hang out. (Never enough excuses to whip out those lights, am I right?)

4. Decluttering. Minimalism is in and all the things that just take up space is should be thrown out.

5. Maybe buy that pillow, throw or chunky knit blanket that you've been eyeing...It's a wonder what being in wrapped a blanket cocoon can do to you.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you on this that we have over-whelmed our lives with technology, so much so that there is no time left for ourselves. These tips will be helpful to spend some time with our own soul.