Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hi there. I realised I was a bit overzealous in my last post and probably underestimated the spiral of work I would fall into in the first few weeks of semester two (typical me). What can I say, it's been a heck of ride thus far. At one point, I swear it was going to be death by group meetings. They just never seemed to end. But alas, I have been able to surface from the tide of projects that we have been inundated with to take a momentary breather. And it is during this fraction of free-time that I bring you this post. 

This post is a bit of a hybrid. It's more or less a 'favourites' post, including some things that I particularly liked during the past months, with an update of what's been going on in my life sprinkled through. So let's go:

1. Birkenstocks. Yes, I gave in to the trend. But think what you will, because I have no regrets. Once you go Birk, you can never go back. They did burn a hole in my wallet a bit but I thought they would be a good investment considering the quality of the shoes. They offer such good support for your feet (they literally hug your foot) and are so convenient to just slip on when you really can't be bothered deciding what to wear. Also, shoutout to the girl who helped me when buying these Birks - she was very comprehensive and careful in providing me advice and tips for choosing the size and caring for shoes. And to my boyfriend, who patiently waited as I circled the store a countless number of times trying to decide the better fit.  

2. Tuzki. If you don't know who Tuzki is, go to your Facebook chat and look in your stickers store. I'm pretty sure Facebook stickers and memes were the only things that kept us sane (or started our insanity) throughout all the group meetings and correspondence on Facebook. 

3. Breakfast bagels. My love for bagels was reignited when I visited Scout Cafe with a friend last month. I love most breakfast bagels but this one was quite a standout. I can't even remember what was in it but it definitely made an impression on me. Definitely something I'm putting on my list to go back to.

4. Apple Music. I joined Apple Music a few months back as part of a family plan with a few friends. I'm not completely sure of the reason I joined, considering I was pretty happy with Spotify (except for the ads). But after settling in to using Apple Music, it's pretty great. Despite me having to pay $3/month, it's definitely worth having the ad-free music. On the topic of music, I discovered some new artists last month that I particularly liked: SG Lewis, Zak Abel, Glass Animals and James TW. 

5. Volleyball. Every Saturday night, some church and other friends play a few hours of volleyball. I've always missed playing volleyball since high school so I was quite excited to be able to play again and on a regular basis. It's also quite a nice break from doing projects all day and being able to see some friends who I don't get to see too often. 

6. Sweet friends. I've had a fair few coffee chats and bump-ins with friends over the past month and the results of those always left a smile on my face. I am very thankful for all the friends that God has placed in my life; some of which I sometimes like to consider as extended family.

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