Friday, 21 June 2013

The end is also the beginning

 After a week of early mornings watching the beautiful 6am sunrises, numerous cups of coffee/tea/hot chocolates and days buried in notes, it is finally all over! :) This wonderful and long awaited moment has finally arrived: the end of a great first semester! No more exams and no 8am starts...for now at least. Second semester is just around the corner but as of this moment, I am savouring this first taste of freedom. 

After our last 5.45pm exam today (which finished in 15 minutes because it was an easy 20 multiple choice exam) the group of us headed over to the city in the cold evening to have a well deserved feast at Madtongsan :) The meal tasted extra good without the feeling of more studying after it. We were finally on holidays and although the feeling had not fully sunk in yet, we were definitely feeling less pressured. 

It was quite a busy night in the city and the restaurant was also packed with people who were dinnering after a day of work or were coming out to celebrate the start of the weekend. I was starving by then and my hunger drove me to buy a warm Green Milk Tea on the way to the restaurant. And I was glad I did because we had to wait for quite a while since our group of 12 was hard to organise for. Eventually they had to split us into two groups sitting at two separate tables...and the feasting began! :D It was definitely a lovely night spent with lovely people and the fun and feasting will only continue as the holidays come :) 

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