Thursday, 13 June 2013

090613 - Buffet dinner at Bazaar Interactive Marketplace at QT Hotel at Gold Coast in celebration of my Dad's birthday and for the end of my sister's unemployment! :D 

The moment we stepped into the restaurant, we were met with a top-to-floor glass window displaying a storage of prime meats. It was definitely a "woah" moment and once you absorbed the whole atmosphere of wood-fired pizzas, colourful produce, fresh seafood, enticing desserts, it was clear that the food and different flavours were the heroes of the place. An array of dishes were placed ready for taking whilst there were also busy chefs behind every bench ready to make your order and to explain their intricate food creations. It was definitely a very unique place made to imitate a marketplace and different from any other restaurant I have ever visited. 

Dim lighting doesn't really make good photos, especially with the iPhone quality and shaky hands from the excitement of the immense choices of food available :D

Dessert was definitely the best part of the meal for me :) There was a delightful array of different desserts- from mini mud cupcakes to chocolate brownies with semi-melted marshmallows to pink macaroons. And with each sweet treat made in bite size, one could really eat all of them ♥

This dinner was definitely a treat I needed in the middle of a busy time, with most of each day of these weeks spent at home with my head buried in books and scribbling notes. With holidays so close, it seems to be the only thing driving me on and I constantly remind myself that it is only with hard work that will be rewarded with well deserved rest. 

Happy Thursday ♥

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