Wednesday, 5 June 2013 average girl studying at uni, struggling to find a balance between work and leisure, thriving on the hope of something better and living my last year of being a teenager- yet I have no aspirations for it but to give every moment my best care and effort.

...craving adventurous travels around the world. There are so many shops, theme parks, lookouts, towers, streets, destinations, you name it, in cities around the world that I would absolutely love to visit one day.

 ...a lover of Japanese food and Hotpot. Overall, placing any food that looks appealing and gives off wafts of deliciousness cues an instant smile of satisfaction and a nod of approval from me. However, putting a plate of gyoza or soft shell crab sushi rolls or takoyaki in front of me would definitely invite much more excitement than just a satisfactory nod. And since winter is coming, it is the perfect excuse to whip out the boiling pot and hotpot utensils for a night in. 

...afraid of rejection, humiliation and being in the centre of attention. Behind every smile are insecurities and I guess these are mine. There are moments where I am more susceptible to these feelings, and most of the time, I end up feeling unworthy of anything.

...quietly sensitive about misplaced items, loud noises, unclean tabletops and people not replying to my messages. Everyone has pet peeves and it's whether or not you understand and agree with mine that determines if you think I'm strange. However, I know for a fact that for some others, people not replying to messages is a bigger problem..who get extremely sensitive- so much so that I would think they are paranoid and have a problem... unashamed fan and early adopter of the Kpop culture. I know that last year, I was still mocking my friends who were into the whole Kpop scene for liking such a peculiar culture where plastic surgery and flower boys were the craze. Not to say that I am now an advocate for plastic surgery to increase attractiveness nor an absolute fan of boys wearing more make up than girls, but I do admit that I have become a fan of the trends. Give me an hour and I would happily rant on about my Korean TV show and Kpop songs.

...reliant on Facebook and Instagram to update me on my social surroundings. I'm sorry (but not really) to say that Facey and Instagram are the first things I check when I wake up in the morning. I would blame my own incessant habits but being a girl living in the highly technological 21st century, I only have Facebook to blame for being invented and for being so damn unnecessarily useful and addictive. At least I haven't attached myself to the Twitter trend or else I would be in trouble.

...a hoarder of vintage and retro jpegs and acoustic songs. They are just so lovely to look at and listen to whenever I have that need for peace and quietness in the midst of something overpowering my thoughts.

...a list maker. Whether it's things I wish for or things to do on a busy Saturday, I love making lists. It helps me arrange my thoughts into something manageable and keeps me sane.

...a person who constantly makes mistakes. I admit that I am extremely far from perfect and the number of times when I have disappointed someone, embarrassed myself and not lived up to certain expectations exceeds the number of fingers on my hand. Although I am often arrogant I am constantly humbled by my shortcomings.  

...a friend, daughter, sister to many people that I love. I am continually grateful for the people around me and I can only try my best to return my gratitude in the form of my time, gifts and patience.

...a child of God. God is my loving father, friend, saviour, keeper of my secrets and protector. I am forever grateful for his everlasting love, grace and presence in my life and for blessing me with such abundance. He sacrificed his Son's life for me and the least I can do is to give mine back to Him.

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