Tuesday, 12 March 2013

You can't choose what stays and fades away..

After a week of being sick and spending a few days away at the vet clinic, this little guy came back home :) You would think not having him around the house wouldn't make much a difference, but the days without him at home...the house seemed more empty. So having him coming back home and normal (he seems more crazy now than before he was actually sick) was a big relief and pretty exciting :) 

From last week, Friday nights would always consist of Small Groups. Last week was the first one so we had dinner over at April's house. April and Ray (our leaders) were awesome and made us a feast consisting of pasta, chicken, salad and garlic bread :D Not to mention a dessert afterwards! I was pretty exhausted having gone through the day, but having fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ is always encouraging and something I always look forward to :)

First day of the week, spent a few hours in the library revising last week's lectures. I had an 8am lecture in morning but seeing that it was totally irrelevant and probably boring, I decided to spend my hours doing something better and more useful. 

Sushi train! Not sure why, but I have never been there before so last night was my first time there :) Spent the first few minutes just staring at the many many choices passing in front of me not knowing what to get first. But after realising I was actually starving, I just decided to eat everything ^_^ well...a bit of everything.. since it will probably take a person with huge appetite and stomach to eat everything in one sitting. Despite being exhausted, great food plus the best company is the perfect way to finish a day :)

Heart of Blue- Shannon Saunders. I always go back to her music ♥

Lastly, shout out to these two trouble makers ;) Not sure if you guys were actually being serious about following my blog...but if you're actually reading this, thanks for being my fans lol. And since I don't have the chance to say this in person, I'm so happy for you two for FINALLY solving everything and being happy reaching this point. I'm so blessed to have such great friends like you guys :) Hope any misunderstandings and awkward/hard feelings are gone ;) (looking at a particular one of you ;P haha) You guys... :) 

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