Monday, 18 March 2013

I love these kids
Left: bamboo shoot plus other yummy stuff stir fry. Right: Pad thai.
Oyster sauce, mushroom and chicken stir fry and garlic naan bread :D

Best Frand ^_^
The birthday boy! Happy birthday my brother from another mother lol.
170313 - Tim's 22nd Birthday Dinner. was meant to be a surprise but being one who catches on pretty quickly, he found out pretty quickly what was happening. The only thing he didn't know was where we were taking him (but even then, he found out pretty quickly when we drove into the car park in front of the restaurant...) Not the most successful surprise but I'm sure he still appreciated it :) It was a fun night and the food was pretty amazing at Modern Thai. I thought it was my first time going there but I was told that I have been there before when I was super young...Why do I not remember?! Anyway..

Dinner was shared between me and ma two girls since the servings weren't small. We ordered a oyster sauce, mushroom and chicken stir fry, a yellow curry with chicken (it was meant to be lamb but they mixed it up and we didn't want to bother them making it again for us), garlic naan bread and some jasmine steamed rice to eat with the curry :) I kinda regretted a little bit not getting the pad thai since most of the people who ordered it said it was amazing..but I don't regret ordering what we had since that was pretty amazing too. Dessert was a double chocolate and strawberry torte from the Cheesecake Shop and it was preeeetttyyy delicious I must say. But I reckon I won't be able to eat any more chocolate in the next couple of weeks since my intake has exceeded the norm in the past week. 

I had no idea what to get as a present since a 22 year old guy is pretty hard to buy for. It took until the day before the party to think of a present: a remote control helicopter. So on Saturday afternoon, I went speed shopping during the last half hour before shops closed. I could not find a single helicopter anywhere until the last shop (Toys 'r' Us) I went to. Was a bit disappointed when I saw that the helicopters there was a bit over my budget...BUT as I was walking through the shop aisle something caught my eye and the moment I saw it on the shelf, I knew I had to buy it for him. All thoughts about helicopters had vanished. It was a remote control Yoshikart (from Mario Kart) ^_^ How cool and cute is that! Disregarding the "8+" on the packaging, I knew he would have fun racing it around haha..I swear remote control things get more fun as we get older. 

The weekend wasn't a productive one in terms of study I'm sad to say. Was quite busy with driving, buying presents, having to entertain guests at my house and birthday dinner-ing that I had next to no hours to catch up on my lectures...I guess this week I'll have to work extra hard to catch up and spare more time for study. No more blogging for another week..Productivity here I come! 

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