Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Negativity isn't the way to go, smile more, eat some chocolate - Ed Sheeran

After long tiring days like these, I often just like to ignore the fact that I have uni work to do and discover pretty pictures on blogs whilst listening to Ed Sheeran instead. The weather recently has also been perfect for doing nothing and being wrapped up in a warm blanket with a mug of tea. How I wish I could do that all day...

But  (sigh) I have university to attend and sooner or later, work will start building up and I would no longer be able to do nothing or watch TV shows in my spare time...since I probably won't have any spare time at all soon. Tutorials started this week which means meeting more people and that learning has "officially" started (since week one is usually introductions and housekeeping). I have met a range of people at uni and they're all so lovely to talk to :) Doing a course that I finally like with some great people is such a bonus in life. 

Time goes by so quickly and it scares me a little. It seems like yesterday was only the weekend, but in fact I have had three days of going to uni already. Soon it's going to be mid semester where I will have to study for mid-sem exams..but, I will also having a few exciting events to look forward to - Birdy concert, my birthday and a wedding :) All in four weeks time! 

I've still been holding onto the holidays and it's really difficult to let it go :( But I am...slowly but reluctantly.  Lets hope I won't be doing any more of these photo blogposts any time soon because it would mean that I'm having a lazy day...which means that I am not doing any work..Lets hope I will find the motivation I need very soon!

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