Tuesday, 26 February 2013


250213 - First day back at uni. Start of a new year at a new university studying something completely new :) It was quite a change but a change I quite like. I had two lectures - one for speech pathology and the other for linguistics. Both were quite interesting and had quite a bit of theory already. I can sense lots of studying coming up in order for me to keep up and do exams well!

Since tutorials don't start until week two, I had a super loooonnnngggg break in between my lectures...Luckily I had made plans or else I would have had no idea what I could have done to kill time. First plan of the day was brunch with the sister :) We went over to the riverside area to a cafe/bistro called Jude. The decor was quite nice - very rustique and simple. 

Although we hoped for brunch, we arrived to find they had already changed their breakfast menu to lunch. In the end, I ordered a beef lasagne with salad, and my sister a burger with salad as well. 


The rest of the rainy day was spent walking around the city helping look for some things my sister needed to buy. With a few hours still spare, I headed back to uni to meet up with a friend after she had finished her lecture. We chatted a bit (quite productive conversation I must say) and decided to go to BSL (Biological Science Library...but now it's turned to a study place) to chill more and for my friend to write out her notes. 

Been sick for the last couple of days which made sitting at lectures a little bit annoying since I had to keep my cough in. Luckily I had stocked up on water and also Strepsils to help soothe my throat...but even then the effects wore off and I was trying hard not to splutter and sound like I was dying every few minutes. Another annoying and painful thing about being sick is that I can't laugh or else I just end up coughing and sound like I'm dying even more...it is so incredibly terrible not being able to laugh coz I find nearly everything funny...Especially the korean variety show I've been watching! It's incredibly funny at times...love it.

Quite a chill week this week, but I know that it is the calm before the storm since health science subjects are always busy with a lot of study to do. Better relax while I can! But at the same time, I'm quite keen on learning more since my uni subjects seem quite interesting :) (It sounds like I actually like uni. Is that weird? :P) 

A quote to finish off the post:
"The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety."

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