Friday, 4 January 2013

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

My little green friend in a teacup :) I have named him Jaffa and he was given to me as a New Years gift. I'm not sure what type of plant he is...but I will do my best to keep him alive :) I am quite to say that my cactus is still alive and I have had that little guy since grade 8 :) So I guess I don't have a bad reputation with growing plants..

Whenever I don't feel like shopping or when I don't think I will buy anything, I almost always end up buying something..That is what happened on Wednesday..But to justify, they were all on sale/in my budget. Pretty proud to say that the statement necklace from Collette, the mint coloured blouse and royal blue fabric sandals (which are super comfy btw) are the first buys of 2013 :) 

 Took a trip to Southbank today with ma best frand ^_^ We (well, technically just me) had lunch at Ginga because I was crazing some ramen and then we went over to Max Brennar where she had a banana crepe for lunch and I indulged in a white chocolate frappe. They didn't have milk chocolate which was my original pick, but I definitely do not regret picking white chocolate over the dark chocolate as the second choice. It was so nice! 

We had a walk around the markets and we were quite excited when we found these pants :D And it was a pretty good deal as well: 2 for $25. I have always been wanting a pair of gypsy pants but I have never found a nice and cheap pair. The other choices at the stall were a bit too colourful for me so I was glad I found these ones; they're still a little 'out there' but it's fairly easy to match with other clothes (and plus, they're super comfy!) I'm still not sure whether I will be game enough to wear them out..but when I gain the full confidence, I think they will be one of my favourite outfits to wear in my wardrobe.  

My ever-so-messy jewellery table and cork board..

I am proud to present my complete collection of the most-loved TV series Chuck. I remember the first time I watched Chuck was in Hong Kong when I was simply channel surfing. I forgot about it for a while but I started watching it again on TV and loved it! and I guess I love it so much that I was willing to pay for all five seasons ^_^ Still in the progress of finishing off the fifth and final season.

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