Monday, 7 January 2013

I can't tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. - Ed Sheeran

After our church service in the morning, a group of us decided to head down to Burleigh Heads for the beach. Although the weather was unpredictable- raining one minute then sunny the next, we had high hopes that it wasn't going to rain on us while we were on the beach. There was about ten of us who went down for the trip-one car of girls and one car of boys. We had a typical beach lunch of fish and chips and then went off to feel the sand between our toes and let the waves wash our feet:)  

Having a nice chat with one my best friends by the shore :) 

We saw some pretty grey clouds heading our way so we decided to head off the beach before the rain caught us. However, the sun decided to come out again once we got off the beach...typical. Before heading home some of us were craving ice cream but sadly, the Baskin Robbins we wanted to go to had moved and even the trustworthy McDonald's ran out of ice cream (what maccas runs out of ice cream?!?! seriously..I was very disppointed). 

Dinner was served at Dr Lee's house (the ultimate chill our place for 2012 and probably for this year as well). He was able to make seven dishes in under 45 minutes (what a masterchef!) and we probably ate it all in like half and hour since we were all pretty hungry. He even had a big bowl of jelly for us! :D The rest of the night was spent chatting (on his awesome hammock), watching a movie in his home theatre (this doctor as everything!) and simply chilling :) and it was all with people I love and would not trade for anything.  

A golden sky to finish the day. 
Monday 7th January
My sister found a nice cafe in Paddington called Ruby so we went to try it out for brunch this morning :) It was a cute and cosy little place with simple decor and a vase of daisies on every table. Next to the table where we sat was a large window which over looked the neighbourhood; it was such a relaxing view. Such a nice way to start the week :)

My brunch- bubble and squeak hash cakes + poached eggs + wilted spinach + basil hollandaise. 

Potato bravas and chorizo pan hash + crisp fry eggs.

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