Friday, 11 January 2013

Cousins night out! :D At a place called Vespa Pizza at New Farm. It was all wood-fired pizza and all the toppings were not the typical Domino's ones but more gourmet :) 

Entree: pizza bread w garlic, olive oil and three cheeses 
(^this wasn't actually a "bread" it was another pizza. It was so cheesy and soo good!)

Main :
Sesame chicken w mango chutney and organic yoghurt

3 little piggies: salami, bacon, pepperoni  
w mushroom, tomato and mozzarella 

Char grilled beef w onion jam roast zucchini,  
semi dried tomatoes and mozzarella finished with aioli 

All of the pizzas were really nice and definitely worth trying again :) 

Chinese checkers with the cousins after dinner :) The funny moment of that lone yellow one stuck and can't get out to the other side :P

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