Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fill up your cups, lift your lighters and toast to life

Finishing a year and starting another is very exciting yet slightly scary at the same time. No doubt, 2012 has been a great year- a year where I have learnt from my mistakes, grown in what I believe in, had my prayers answered, developed stronger relationships and had experienced second chances. I am glad that I had finished 2012 feeling like my life was on track and that I had my mind set on the right thing. The new year of 2013 will definitely be filled with more adventures, laughs, friendships and memories.

Last night of the year was, of course, spent with family and friends.

Burning what we wanted to forget about the year. All our regrets went up in flames..literally. (wow, I'm so lame..)
In the home theatre waiting for the clock to hit 12! :D We were going to countdown with the one on TV, however we had lost signal so we completely missed the countdown. We had to go with looking at our phones for when the time changed, which was so unreliable because everyone's phones were anti-climatic.

Starting a new year definitely brings about an urge to look at the year that was.

First month of the year - spent with family and friends in Hong Kong :) It was the first time I spent New Years counting down at TST with friends, first time I went to a Disneyland, first time visiting my Grandma's relatives in China, first time I got ridiculously sick from eating too much...but not the first time eating my favourite wonton mein at Wan Chai :D (bottom right corner) (it's always the first thing I eat when I go back! So good!)

February - Back in Brisbane chilling with friends, having Burrito Nights, celebrating being single on V Day and of course, the exciting yet slightly daunting first day of uni at the end of the month.

March - In amongst the first weeks of uni, there was meetups with high school friends, visits to GoMA, a 21st birthday party and a night at the theatre watching Mary Poppins. There was also the three intense days of design and building at the end of the month called "block delivery" :) Such fun!

April - a month of so much celebration! And the month where I turned 18! :D Birthday celebrations was spent with friends at the coast and also a family dinner at Wagaya :) There was also a catch ups with friends during and amongst the break and uni. To add to celebration was a wedding at the end of the month!

May - a busy time at uni with a lot of projects to complete. But also a month of a few birthdays - my Dad's and my friend's :)

June - The end of the first semester of uni finished so it was time for holidays! :D Celebrating the end of semester was the Design Soiree- showcasing all the first year design work. Later on in the month was going to see the Jabbawockeez! One of the most exciting nights of the year I think :)

July was the month where my family and I ventured to the great city of Melbourne :) It was such a cold but fun time eating, shopping and seeing a lot of well-known places. It was definitely another highlight of the year. The second photo from the left is the cute little cafe my sister took me on our sister's day out :) Loved the decor of the place! My friend and I attempted to make macarons so many times this year, so I had to include a photo of an attempt :)

August - I think this month was a month when I learnt the most and was the turning point of the year for me; this was after going to Refresh (a weekend away at a Christian leadership camp). The church family camp was also coming up in September and I was lucky enough to be part of the team making a promotional video for the camp. There was definitely a lot of fun and the video is probably pretty embarrassing but we are not ashamed of it :D haha.

September - a busy but enjoyable month at uni studying filmic interiors and learning how to use different programs. Also, church camp! :D It was definitely the thing I looked forward to during the whole month, it was so much fun! :)

October - a busy time at uni with lots of projects. But of course, there had to be a few parties in amongst the busy-ness ;) My friends and I also started helping out at the Christmas Shoebox appeal :)

 November - the last hustle before the end of the semester and the end of the year! :D Everyone was drinking a lot of caffeine to stay awake and the result of our efforts was definitely worth all the late nights :)

 December - the end of it all. My sister's graduation, awesome Christmas party and of course the countdown to the start of a new year :)

There are definitely a lot of moments that I have missed but they are definitely not memories that will be forgotten. 2012 was a great year and hope 2013 will be even better :)

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