Friday, 28 December 2012

Festivities and Shenanigans

Sunday 16th December - Had a cousins night out where my cousin shouted us dessert at Freestyle Tout in the Valley. I haven't been there before so it was exciting trying it for the first time. It was all super yummy but the four of us couldn't even finish it all because it got a bit sweet after a while. I would definitely go there again! :D

Went on a few shopping trips during the week following the Sunday. Went to Chermside hoping to buy a few presents for Christmas but ended up buying things for myself...The second shopping trip was a bit more productive in buying presents.

The few days and nights prior to Christmas consisted of a few gatherings and dinners with family and friends. My sister and I held a Christmas party at our house on the Saturday before Christmas. Everyone brought a plate of food (there was so much left over!) and the night was spent eating, chatting, and just having a lot of fun :)

Of course, Santa came to the party :P Although he kinda broke character when he took off his hat and beard because it was too hot...Everyone got a present from their secret santa (although most people eventually found out who it was ...) There were a few silly gag gifts and presents that they probably won't use but I guess it was all part of the fun haha

My beautiful best friends :)
 On Christmas day, we had a Christmas service at church followed by a luncheon. At night, there was another big dinner with friends, family and family friends. Being kids of this age, us kids bailed after dinner and went back to my house to play a few rounds of our new found favourite game "Bang" and also to have several d'n'ms. It would be assumed that girls love d'n'ms more than boys, but even though the ratio of boys and girls was 4:2, the boys talked more than the girls. Conversations lasted until 2am in the morning, and it was only with reluctance that they left to go home because I guess it was getting a bit late ;) 

The next day while most of everyone was in a shopping centre shopping for bargains, me and three other friends went to the tea cafe (one of the favourite hang outs for us) and played a few rounds of UNO and spontaneously went to a screening of Les Miserables. 

This is a friend's ridiculously soft and cuddly cat Kit Kit having a nap :) Cute cute
 Been getting back to sketching these holidays and I am so glad that I am because it's so therapeutic and relaxing. 

More holiday adventure updates to come!

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