Tuesday, 22 January 2013

190113 - Another beach day :) We were originally planning on going to a beach at the coast, however..after hearing about the congested free way  we decided on a change of plans. We headed to Wynnum instead. There wasn't really a beach there but it was still relaxing nonetheless. The temperature predicted for the day was 34, but since we were seaside the breeze was pretty cool. A day by the sea wouldn't be complete without a classic fish and chips lunch so we feasted on some before heading out the jetty. Someone had brought a water gun along and once that was in play, everyone was a little cautious of each other :P We had a few chases and soaked clothing but it was all fun and we all remained friends despite being attacked by water a few times haha. Nothing really beats an afternoon with good company, a few laughs, excellent food and relaxing by the sea :)

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