Thursday, 31 January 2013

Colour Theory

"Although colour theory relates to the visual impact of specific colour combinations, I believe it could also suggest clues about life.

As a Christian, I have encountered a few speed bumps in faith, at times wrestling with the question: Did a God who is loving and just create evil? I came across an eye-opening concept that helped me to explore the relationship between evil and good; that perhaps evil was never created, but simply the result of an absence of good. Similarly, scientific colour theory explains that removing light from the visible spectrum leaves darkness.

Life contains experiences of dark times and struggles- both which I have lived through without regret because without the pain that accompanies darkness, I would have never fully appreciated the living light. When we triumph from those dark places in our live, light can replace our sadness and grieving with empowerment, encouragement and love. 

This is my colour theory."

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