Saturday, 13 October 2012

'Keep smiling because life is beautiful and there is so much to smile about."

 Although this week was a mundane one, I am still blessed to have lived each and every day. I spent an hour or so sitting in botanical gardens on Thursday. Although this time could have been spent productively, I felt like I needed the time to escape from the busy life and take a breather. And it is usually during these times of solitude where you find small things in life which are the most beautiful. 

Had a job interview at Typo on Friday which was quite exciting because I had never been this far with a job application before. It was not what I was expecting since most of time, he was talking about Typo more than asking us questions. Fingers crossed that my availability everyday in the holidays will get me the job.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping, when I FINALLY bought a striped maxi dress :D I have been looking for one since beginning of the year (I even did a blog post in May about wanting one...) and finally! I found a nice, simple and cheap one at Temt :) 

Interview outfit/ New outfit / Party outfit
Friday night party :) Celebrating the beautiful Jacinta's 21st. A night of food, laughs, mingling and doing things you won't normally do because that's what parties are all about ;)

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