Friday, 19 October 2012

Waking Up to Fall Asleep Again

Mum took out her pair of glasses from when she was young and I found them just a little bit cute :) ehehe.

There were people handing out free Haribo gummi bears at uni and of course I couldn't decline from the offer.
My mum has been making me fruit salads or fruit juices/smoothies (just like Boost!) at home lately. Which I am grateful for since I'm always looking for study snacks and because this weather is so suitable for eating some refreshing fruit! :)
Discovered this talented girl today :) She released her album called "Lone Wolf" just in June of this year and I'm sure her popularity will rise and great things will go her way. Love this song and her cover of it! 

18th October. The birthday of two of my closest friends and also of the gorgeous Zac Efron ;)
I knew that my friend wasn't doing anything special for his birthday and he was feeling pretty bummed lately so a bunch of friends and I went over to his house to surprise him with a cake :) He was gaming when we invaded his night at home and although he said we ruined his game, I secretly think that he was happy and excited that we were there :) Who wouldn't choose friends over gaming?

Exam block coming up. But, since the design discipline has no/little amount of exams, I have a whole bunch of assignments to do instead. So with my fruit smoothies, moustache glass and sweet beats, I'm going to be huddled at a desk studiously pumping out drawings and essays for submission. Goodbye world and social life, see you on the other side. 

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