Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hello Spring

It's Spring! :D Which means the weather is getting warmer which means no more of the same old thick jackets and jeans all the time! I'm so keen to get creative with outfits and mix and match my wardrobe! Although my wardrobe is not very expansive, I was hoping to be able to dig up some of my older pieces of clothing and try to make outfits out of them again or make outfits out of clothes that just sit in my wardrobe that I haven't worn before :) I'm also on the lookout for bargains too! Especially with skirts and dresses :) Loving eBay at the moment. I bought a head scarf/band for only $1.59 and I love it! I'm planning on buying more because they are just so cute and good to use! :) 

Although starting a new season is exciting, my excitement of daily routine has not improved...It has been busy with uni assessment and everyday is just going to and from uni and spending most hours hunched over a desk drawing or sketching. Two assignments due next week! and also have to work on another one during mid-semester break which means that I basically don't really get a holiday :\ Although the weekend will be spent away at a church family camp which I know will be fun :) 

I've been finding some new music these weeks (recommended by a uni friend) and they are very good to listen to especially when I'm drawing and I don't need to think too much. They're mainly indie/alternative music (which is a style that I am getting back into for some reason..)  Especially loving Birdy, Josh Pyke and All Sons & Daughters! :)

Anyway, I don't think I'm going to get much work done tonight since I already spent a good 8 hours at uni today going to class and also finishing up on a floor plan I had to do. My eyes are so tired from looking at the light box I had been using for three hours and they are urging me to go sleep..which I guess is a good thing since I've run out of things to say :) Cheerio.

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