Thursday, 30 August 2012

Head in the Clouds

I can't wait until Summer! It is so close I can smell and feel it! I can't wait until I can wear dresses again. I've already secretly planned out outfits that I could wear when the weather decides to get warmer. Looking at fashion blogs has made me so excited to be able to wear shorts and dresses. 

I also recently discovered the wonderful world of typography. Well I had always had a liking for photos with really nice quotes on them, but I had never realised there was an actual term for them. And when I found out that it was called "typography", I fell in love with it even more. If only I had the skills and time to make my own amazing images! Instead, I found a few inspirations :)

Also, I learnt how to do a proper fish-tail braid :)

Went over to my auntie's place this afternoon and caught up with my cousin :) She was listening to this and I thought it was such a pretty song!
(And I'm pretty sure I've heard it somewhere else as well but can't put my finger on it!)

What a lovely day it has been
Until next time :)
HK ♥

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