Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.." -Psalm 136:1

What a crazy fun week I've had! :) 
Our church is having a church family camp in the next month, and they got a few of us 'young people' to shoot a promo video for the camp. So during the past week, I helped out in shooting this video :) Either starring in the video or holding the mic for the actors, it was so much fun and we definitely had a lot of laughs. A lot of preparation went into planning this but there was still a lot of change of ideas and plans when we started filming; but after looking at sneak peeks of the final video, I think it's coming together really well ;) I'm  so keen to see the final product! 

Stumbled upon these awesome masks at Kmart whilst looking for props for the video. There was a kid in the same aisle and he looked at us weirdly because we were getting too excited about these masks...
It was an adventurous day at uni today (which is a little bit unusual, because I wouldn't think the words 'adventurous' and 'uni' could go together in a sentence). For my interior design subject, we had to go to The Powerhouse at New Farm and select a space within/around The Powerhouse and document the journey through the space and draw the journey through a 12 frame storyboard. I wasn't really expecting it to be fun, but I was proven wrong :) We travelled by CityCat from Gardens Point to New Farm and spent about one and a half hours just checking out the place. We took a few photos (well actually, took A LOT of photos) and sketches and called it a day. 
My uni friend (Steph) and I decided to chill at New Farm for a while. We chose a spot under the shade and shared a sandwich whilst having a deep discussion about relationships and how hard they can be. It's always good to have a friend to talk deep and meaningful with :) It was with reluctance that we finally decided to head back home- it was just so nice sitting under the shade of a tree overlooking the river! We caught the CityCat back to Southbank and parted ways to head home. Didn't think my day would have been this good :) And it's going to get better with Nachos/Taboo night at a friend's place tonight! :D

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