Thursday, 23 August 2012

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are."

Another week has passed :) It has been pretty busy but there is always time to have fun and to spend time with friends ;) Last weekend, was my friend's birthday :) so the three of us went out to Southbank for lunch and treated the birthday girl to dessert at Movenpick (arguably one of the best ice-cream places in Brisbane).

I love these girls!
So the week mainly consisted of me going back and forth from uni and me coming out of my room only for food. It wasn't very stressful though since I felt that I had everything under control and was managing my time well (which is a first in my life). In comparison to all the other Interior Design kids, I did pretty well in this assignment. Two of my friends stayed up 'til 3am in the morning doing the assignment and one of them still had to get to uni early in the morning to finish it off. Stressful stuff! I'm glad I didn't do that..

With the assignment handed in, me and three other uni friends made a spontaneous decision to make a trip to GoMA. 

It was definitely a fun time! :) (Especially with friends who have become slightly delirious due to lack of sleep from staying up doing the assignment).
The rest of the day was spent eating and just chilling at home (don't really want to get back to doing another assignment after just handing one in). 

So Taylor Swift has a new album coming out in October (I think) and it's called Red. I guess I'm not the BIGGEST fan of TSwift but there's something about that girl that I always come back to ;) Her lyrics aren't that amazing, her voice isn't exactly the best in the world BUT HER SONGS ARE SO CATCHY D: 

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