Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

This was last night from my friend's 18th party. It has been a while since I have last been to a dance party and I have to say that it took some time to become accustomed to it (I felt like I was in high school again going to a sweet sixteen). She had hired a DJ who was pumping loud beats out all night and there were also strobe and other cool lights. I left the party with my eyes hurting, head throbbing and half deaf; however it was definitely worth it since I was able to see and catch up with many friends who I have not seen since and of grade 12.

Random photo from IMDb
After church this morning, I watched Snow White and the Huntsman with a few friends. It isn't a must-see movie but I have to say it was a well-done movie (with a few handsome men to watch out for ;)). We also smuggled in quite a feast inside the cinemas and the whole place probably smelt like KFC thanks to us :).

I have also been following a web series on YouTube by WongFu Productions (I love those guys!) and the finale has finally been released! (It's pretty bad acting but it's pretty sweet)

And also from YouTube:
As creepy as this may sound, I love this couple! They're so cute, nice and funny :3 (And as Mel says "I want to be as cute as these guys when I get married!")

End of yet another week, which means a new week starts tomorrow...

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