Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cruising Under Blue Skies

My friends and I took a trip down to Harbour Town on this fine day and had quite a nice lunch at Fasta Pasta (hurray for $8.90 lunch deals!) We were running on a tight schedule today; we were planning on catching the 10.15 train to Coomera, however two of the girls slept in due to their sleepover the previous night and we ended up sprinting onto the 10.40 train to catch it just on time (phew) after I waited anxiously in the car park for them to arrive. 

Movenpick :) They have some of the best ice creams! (Taking second place to BarBoo of course <3) I resisted the temptation to indulge in any ice-cream today. It was very tempting though!

This is my friend's quite amazing Peugeot :) I love the sun roof! I want one in my future car so I can cruise along with blue skies above and sunlight streaming in.

We went to my friend's apartment after our quick shopping trip at Harbour Town. It wasn't HER apartment, but her family had bought it and was renting it out to people. We couldn't go up to her apartment because there were people living there at the moment, but I heard that the view was quite spectacular up there. 

We chilled by the pool instead. At first we stayed inside by the indoor pool with only our legs in the water since none of us bought swimming gear...and then we moved into the spa (which was so good! I could fall asleep in there. It was at the perfect temperature: nice and warm). And then we eventually ventured outside to the outdoor pool where some of us dried off in the sun and also where we decided to take ridiculous and fun photos of ourselves.

We eventually travelled back to the train station at around 4.30 to catch the train back to Coopers Plain. Most of us were pretty tired from a fun day. We have already planned our next trip down to the coast which plan involves picnics, Japanese food, gym and more spa :)

Today's purchase: a pair of sneakers from Rubi Shoes :) They have hidden wedges in them and they are really comfortable to wear. Thought I needed to add a little touch of gangster to my shoe collection. 

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