Thursday, 21 June 2012

Taste of Freedom is Not So Sweet After All...

So my first week of holidays is nearly over and I can't really say that it was particularly exciting. As most of my friends are still studying and completing exams, I have the privilege of starting holidays a week ahead of them. Although this may sound good, it also means that I won't be able to go out with most of my friends as they are still busy. This may sound like I would have spent my whole week at home being a couch potato, I did spend a couple days out of the house. I can only hope that my holidays will become more exciting with more plans..hopefully (because being stuck at home with the parents is not very pleasant at times..)

So here is a low down of my past week:

Friday 15th of June. With my last assignment handed in, the night was spent out with a few friends at Casamia Paris- a restaurant of fine desserts. I had a Tiramisu which was quite delicious, however I kinda got over it after eating half of it..and it was on the expensive side (Oops). 

Sunday 17th of June. It wasn't a usual morning at church because we didn't have Bible study, so most of our class were seen loitering around church...until someone, suggested McDonald's; so of course, we couldn't resist the temptation so we all ventured there (however, after realising I only had $3, I couldn't even get my hash brown and orange juice).
The exciting event happened at night though: HotPot! :D I love hotpot in winter. Amazing and warm. Since this was mainly an event for the parents, the "kids" were banished to a smaller to the side. So it was just the three of us at the table and we went nuts with the food until we thought it would be a good idea to stop before any of us threw up. The night was spent with good company (my brothers from another mother lol) and we spent the rest of the night lounging on the couches having a deep and meaningful conversation whilst digesting that feast we had just had.

Monday 18th of June. I don't even remember this day happening so I will just skip it and put a picture of a nice sunset here.

Tuesday 19th of June. This day was spent in the city people-watching with a friend. Although people-watching sounds kinda creepy, it's kinda fun looking at people trying to guess where they were from, where they were going, and what their past was like. We also went to the Winter Festival where we watched people ice skating and enjoyed a nice lunch. 
After the city was a trip to garden city for a shopping spree and I can safely say that I got many bargains :)

Wednesday 20th of June. This day was another spent at home. Because I didn't want to spend the day in front of the computer or sitting in front of the TV (so that my mum would get angry at me again..) I decided to be a bit artistic.
What am I going to do with a bottle of glue and an old book?...
...Create a box out of it :)

Thursday 21st of June. Today. What am I going to do? Life is pretty ordinary at the moment and I am still trying to figure out what I want to be studying and where I can get a part-time job and how I can avoid disagreements with my parents (because I am frankly sick of their bickering and I don't understand how their reasoning works). So today will probably just be a day spent to myself- reading, researching uni courses, watching movies, finding jobs online and eating..just same old and a mundane day in the life of me.

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