Monday, 25 June 2012

The Sweet Life

 Spent a day attempting to make macaroons; it's obvious that they did not turn out as well as we anticipated, but at least we had fun in the making process. Even though they look pretty deformed, they didn't taste too bad. There is always next time where improvement can be made :) We will reach success one day!

Spent an afternoon re-decorating my mirror with new photos :)

The cutest bobble-head I have seen. It actually bobbles A LOT.

 What can I say? The Jabbawockeez are simply amazing. They are so talented and they deserve the title of America's Best Dance Crew. I wish I could go back and watch them again.

Went shopping in the city today and these were the new pair of shoes that I bought. I also bought two tops from Supre; I'm glad I bought them because they can go with literally anything :)

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