Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Night of Fine Design

So last night was the end of semester first year design soiree. It was a night where all the first year students showed off the work that we have produced over the first semester; the work included our artist books, our presentation boards and our prototype models. To be honest, it wasn't an event that I was particularly excited about because the work that I have produced wasn't particularly amazing, and I was certain that there would be work that would be absolutely amazing and would then make me feel bad. But I guess, I can always be inspired by them and work extra hard next time to produce something I will be more proud of.

Here are some of the amazing stuff that some students have produced. They are pretty impressive.

A prototype model. The design was based off a womb. Kind of weird but I guess design has some pretty weird concepts.

This student's interpretation of an artist book. 

Some more artist books.

One of my favourites. So amazing!

Some industrial design presentation boards. 

Another prototype model. It was awarded as the best one on the night. 

Can't really see with this one..but the drawings are really really ridiculously detailed and amazingly done. Hats off to whoever did this. 

And some more artist books. Some people were really creative with their's and did an amazing job.

So after all this inspiring art and design, my parents and I went to dinner at 7-8. That place used to be one of my favourites, but after it moved, it's quality and restaurant space and amount customers has decreased a little bit. 

I usually go for the fried fish fillet with udon or the teriyaki chicken with udon, but I felt like having something different this time, so I ordered this: 

It was quite delicious indeed. 

So that was all last night. Today I spent the day at home finishing off my last assessment piece for the semester. It wasn't much work but I had to do it. And now that I've officially finished, I am feeling quite relaxed and without any studies to worry about :) I have waited so long for the holidays to come and now it's here! Bring on the fun and food and relaxation :) But for now, I'm just going to sit back with my cup of tea and enjoy a couple of episodes of Chuck :) Goodbye world..

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  1. Naww I always love reading your blog posts Huldah!! :) You need to show me your own works!! I'm sure they're amazing