Monday, 4 June 2012

Exhausted and Braindead

Although the rest of the world is on SWOTVAC studying this week, I had to head to uni for a lecture. I had to go because the stuff that they said there had to be part of an assignment. AND to make things more difficult, sign on for next semester's classes were right in the middle of the lecture. Seriously, who does that?! Thank goodness I had my laptop open 20 minutes before and I could swoop in at exactly the right moment when it registration opened and I could get all my first preferences :) 

I had an assignment due today as well so I had to spend a good three hours after the lecture in the studio working until my brain was fried. As Facebook tells me, the rest of the design students were swearing at their assignment and wishing the subject didn't exist whilst I was happily strolling to the library to hand my assignment in. Win!

I rewarded myself by buying myself a Chocolate Chip cookie from Mrs. Fields Cookies. It was definitely a wonderfully sweet treat!
It was terrible (for my shoulders and back) lugging around two heavy bags all day and I was so happy to be able to finally dump them on the ground at home and happily relax with two assignments (one yesterday and one today) out of the way. My brain is literally dead and I do not want to spend another waking minute sketch-noting (which was what my assignment consisted of. A whole journal of it....Not the funnest of times.) so my night will be spent doing absolutely nothing. Although it sounds like I have no other assessment left, I do; I have another assignment due next week and I will be spending the rest of the week at uni building the model for it. 

Awesome sunset :) They always make my day. Beauty even at the very last moments of daylight.
This photo doesn't capture it very well, but the moon was really big and round and  bright!

I've been watching WongFu videos on YouTube lately and I have to say that those three guys are extremely talented and that their short web series should be posted on TV. They are THAT good. I love them! I also love Jayesslee; they are my all time favourite YouTube artists; they are such sweethearts!

YouTube also has so much undiscovered talent. I found this today: 

They're so talented! Only 12 and 8!

Only Mum and I at home eating dinner tonight. I think Mum secretly plans the most delicious meals for only the two of us to eat while Dad and my sister are away ;)

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