Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Keep Calm and Grow a Moustache

Today was another long and exhausting day. But I can also say that it was a fairly fun day.
The day started off with an hour and a half of waiting for the other group member to come (I've become accustomed to him being late to all group  meetings...) so I decided to join my friend and her group for a while until he came. We ventured to her car to get the cardboard that her group needed for her model and it was indeed fun times carrying HUGE pieces of cardboard in the such windy weather. I nearly got blown away along with the cardboard. It was certainly a lot of laughs.

So after an hour and a half, the guy in my group finally showed up (he had the reason of going to hunt down some materials for our model); we started working on our model in the soft-lab. It was quite fun and we got maybe a third of our model done today. We didn't have any other materials so we had to call it a day after doing everything that we could have possibly done. Hopefully the rest of it will go well....

I was so tired by the time I came home (also encountering a few hiccups along the way home- I totally didn't offer my seat to an old lady on bus :S I felt kinda bad. But I didn't see her!) but this totally made my day:

It's definitely added to the rest of my (growing) collection :)

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