Saturday, 2 June 2012

Welcome Back Winter Once Again

 (Yes I have realised that the title is actually from an Owl City song. It just popped into my head)

Been such a busy week! - consisting of travelling between class at uni and working on assignments at home. But I am very happy to say that I have one of my assignments (due tomorrow) is officially complete and the other (due on Monday) is very close to being finished. I have to say that I am quite surprised at my time management this time around; I guess I've learned my lesson from last time...which didn't end up so well...

The week has been so busy that all the days seem to have mashed up into a huge blob of time so I'm not even sure what has happened during each of the days. Which is why I am just going to put some photos up from the past week (don't even remember what days these were taken..)

Lazy afternoon.

New bathroom mat!
View from my room on a rainy day.

Haven't worn my Converses in soo long!

Falling asleep because he was tired of waiting for me to give him some of my muffin. 

Dad's Birthday! :)

Yum lunch at  home while watching Modern Family :) 

Assignment complete!!

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