Thursday, 17 May 2012

Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirteenth Day

Me and super early cold mornings do not mix well together and I did not want to detach myself from my bed this morning. But of course I had to drag myself  out of my bed for a 8am start in the studio at uni. Since it was an early and cold morning, I thought a warm caramel latte was called for to warm my insides up a little bit. (I really hope I don't get addicted to those things. But they just taste so good!) 

As per usual, Thursday mornings consist of a four hour session in the studio being artistic. That might just be the only thing that motivates me to get out of bed so early...that and also friends who talk to me and keep me awake.

We have to make an artist book for this subject which which I am pretty excited about because it should be fun (if I manage my time well and don't have a breakdown like last time..) and it
gives me fond memories of Year 12 Art (which I miss so much!)

Had a nice stroll down Alice Street after class, passing the botanical gardens and Eckersleys- my favourite art shop in the world which has every arty thing you can think of in there (although it is a tad expensive). It wasn't very pleasant by the time I got to Queen Street to shop for a birthday present for a friend since the afternoon sun had decided to heat me up and leave me sweaty D: However, a trip to Typo made things a bit better. An trip to the city is an excuse to go to Typo; I would buy anything and everything from that shop..although there are some rude items in that store which I generally glaze over (like a birthday card which said "Happy F***ing Birthday Idiot". Totally inappropriate and I can't imagine anyone wanting that for their birthday...)
I should probably get back to the group assignment that is due tomorrow. Eek!
(I'm so over it though).

I have a kink in my hair today and it's wierd. I can't stop patting it down but it doesn't work...

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