Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Previous Chapter

Today was such a lazy day. I'm not sure if it was because I finally got to sleep in for once which made me lazy or because I just had zero motivation at all to do the little work that I had. Most of the day was spent sitting at my desk scrolling through Facebook, checking Whatsapp, looking through my photo albums and staring into space thinking about....I don't even remember.   

What I found whilst looking through my photo albums was a photo of my last assignment that I did in high school. It was a pencil drawing (plus some watercolour) that I did for art and if I remember correctly, it had to reflect something of myself. 

Although I wouldn't have thought this while I was still back at school, I have realised (now that I'm out of school and at uni) that I actually miss high school. The friends, teachers, lunchtimes, the tree that our group of friends congregated during our breaks, the endless inappropriate remarks from those boys, the smell of the Chilli Dogs from the tuckshop, the mad rush in locker rooms, and the list can go on forever. (However, the one thing I don't miss is those intensely frustrating EEIs that I had to write for Chemistry. Eurgh).

It's sad that I don't get to see all my friends at one place during the same times every day anymore. Instead, we are separated by our different universities, different time tables and different daily life schedules. It takes so much more organising to get people together and even then, someone might pull out last minute because of an upcoming exam that suddenly came up. It was so much easier in high school when everyone was on the same page.

My lunch :)

Besides staring into space, I decided to browse around colour websites to look at colour palettes (because I simply LOVE colours). I love pastel colours and most of the colour themes that I were looking at today were mainly under the "wedding" section because they are all so pretty and elegant and pastelley ♥! (I'm guessing this is a typical designer moment/craze?)

The song that was on repeat today was a cover of Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound, by Julia Sheer. I love it!  

And here was some eye candy that I stumbled upon while I was procrastinating. He is such a gorgeous man. Love!

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