Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Winter is coming...

An extra jacket, scarf and boots were called for on such a chilly morning like today's. And it took extra effort to get out off bed this morning; I wish I could just hibernate through winter. I don't understand how some people could still be wearing a singlet and shorts in such cold weather- they might love winter temperatures or are just bizzare. In my opinion, I reckon the latter. 

My day at uni started slow with my Interior Design tutorial in the studio. My tutor always comes late so I often don't even bother rocking up until fifteen minutes into the lesson- and even then, my tutor might not even have turned up yet. For this subject, I am currently working on a group project with three other people (all who have some amazing design ideas buried inside their head). Design is never as simple as it sounds or looks and this project was definitely not simple; however it is proving to be a very fun project. For this project, we need to create a hybridised space that draws on the body. We also needed to explore the body in relation to the 'layers' which surround it. Every tutorial class was assigned a different layer; my tutorial class was assigned with the layer called 'Body and Detail'. This layer involves the ability to understand objects through the tactile touch of materials. 

"Interior spaces can be found at a range of scales, from the clothing we wear to the city we inhabit. Between these two scales is an array of layers that can be pulled apart and further investigated, often revealing an identity by which we surround ourselves." - Weinthal,L. 

So for this project, we had to individually explore an operable domestic object and incorporate that into the design of a mobile hairdressing salon with focus also on the touch, ergonomics and embodiment within the space. 

There are a lot more that I could explain, but what I have said is the the basic bones of the project. At the moment, our group has finalised a concept and design- we now have to draw up elevations, side views, plans etc. (all the regular drafting requirements for a design). Although our group is often quiet, we do have some moments of epiphany and excitement which always makes things a bit more fun and gets us pumped to do something more.

My interior design lectures are always interesting because my lecturer always shows us some weird and wonderful and kooky and crazy building. Today's lecture was titled 'Movement, Transition and Transgression' and was about moving through/past/into spaces and merging the interior with the exterior. 

The photos above are pieces designed by a Dutch designer names Jurgen Bey. The first photo was a back wall of a catwalk that he designed for Peter Gaultier and the second photo is part of his Kokon furniture. It's pretty kinky stuff.

Below are the two other structures we were inspired by in the lecture. 

In Between House by Koji Tsutsui Architects

The UK Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo

Uni stuff aside, I had my first McDonald's meal in who knows how long and I learned four new songs on the piano today. They were both very satisfying feats.

The temperature is dropping again and it makes me just want to curl up in my bed and not do anything. Which I might head off to do very soon... 

But before I do, here's two songs that are currently on repeat at the moment: 

So In Love - The Icarus Account

Waiting here for you - Christy Nockels


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