Friday, 18 May 2012

The Adventures Of A Troubled Teen

I woke up knowing that today was going to be a long day; two group meetings, tutorial, having to hand in an assignment, worship team rehearsal and uni fellowship. Wasn't particularly looking forward to anything besides finally handing in this assignment which had took our group so long to complete.

I was very amused to see the kid sitting next to me on the bus reading one of the stories from The Adventure of Tin Tin. I thought Tin Tin was left as something of the last generation and kids have stopped reading comics like Tin Tin. I couldn't help but glance over his shoulder and read some of his comic. It took me back to when I was little and when made it a ritual-borrowing one of The Adventures of Tin Tin whenever I went to the local library.

The first group meeting wasn't particular fantastic and we ended up having to wait in many awkward silences for an hour because one of them forgot our meeting was on at that time. I walked off that awkward and terrible meeting by having a little stroll through Southbank. I also felt like an ice cream so I bought a Boost instead (healthier option ftw). Also during my adventure through Southbank, was the discovery of the chair from The Renovators; it was from one of their challenges and the winning chair would be placed at Southbank. I never knew where they had put that chair so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I even decided to test it out by sitting on for a while and it proved to be a fairly comfortable and decent chair (tick of approval from me).

Second group meeting was (thank goodness) not as bad as the first since we actually had a goal we aimed for in the meeting. We did final touch ups to assignment and although we were organized, it was still a mad rush toward the end. (We managed to hand in our report to our tutor with one minute to spare! One down four to go!)

This throbbing headache came to me for the rest of the day which made me moody and snappy (apologies to people who were victim of this!). I did feel better during fellowship because I was surrounded by friends who's happiness and cheeriness I gradually could leech off. I think the feeling of my eyes stinging and feeling like they are about to pop out of my head is refraining me from writing a proper post. I am so keen for this day to be over...

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  1. Huldah! Why you change your URL?! I nearly had a heart attack and went into serious depression when I thought you'd deleted your blog! :( Happy to know you didn't, though. :D Miss you!! <3