Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fine Dining

Maddie's 18th :) Last night was a night of class and amusement. It’s always time well spent catching up with some friends who I have not seen since the end of high school. A lot of 18th parties nowadays are just music and dance and drinking but I actually like (and sometimes prefer) parties where I can sit down, eat and talk to people.

The dinner conversation was amusing especially when there were two boys there whose jokes (lame or actually funny) kept us entertained. As usual, the topic of “who do you find hot?” came up and for a good half of the dinner conversation, we had a discussion about hot celebrities, tattoos and age differences. And as usual, the girls agreed that Zac Efron is the ultimate heart-throb and the boys agreed that Miranda Kerr was the ultimate hottie for them. There were also mentions of Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum from the girls and Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba from the boys.  

Hot people aside, the night was about Maddie after all and she had the most amazing birthday cake. It was like a wedding cake, it was so pretty! I wouldn’t have expected anything less than that from her since she is always so classy, neat and perfect.

And on a sidenote: the passionfruit punch and the sorbet was DELICIOUS :)


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