Saturday, 21 October 2017

In one month's time, I will be in Europe. I will be walking around the streets of Rome in my winter layers, maybe on our way to the Colosseum or a quaint Italian cafe for a warm cuppa...the options are open. It's still a bit unreal to say that that is where I'll be in four weeks time. As per the itinerary above, we will be starting off in Italy and then making our way up to Netherlands and Germany. There are so many things I'm excited for in each of the cities - Italy for their pastries, pasta and gelato; Amsterdam for the river walks, bike rides and scenic-scapes; and from what I've heard, Berlin is just going to be good (or should I say gut...hah) no matter what we do.

It will be the first time I will be travelling to Europe and travelling overseas without family. I have heard a lot about Europe from my sister who has had her fair share of travelling over the past decade and I hoped to one day experience it for myself.

I'm very excited to document the trip and you can probably expect several new entries in the travel journal on this blog when I come back. I didn't really do a really great job in documenting my Japan trip last year but I'm hoping to spend my summer holiday making an effort in editing and organising a folio of memories to remember the trip by.

Besides travelling, I'm very looking forward to end of the year. Many of my friends will be graduating and some family will be coming over from Hong Kong, so much celebrating is expected. December is one of my favourite months and I have a feeling it will be a fun one again this year. Now, it's just four more weeks of work between me and a few wonderful weeks in Europe. The countdown begins!

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