Thursday, 3 March 2016

R&B Research Bakery | Tsim Sha Tsui

I recently came back from a trip to Japan and Hong Kong and as you would expect when travelling overseas, the consumption of food was at an all time high. While I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to try something new (besides visiting all my old favourites). I asked my cousin for restaurant recommendations and R&B Research Bakery came up.

It's described as a Western restaurant, but I wouldn't say that their flavours are entirely Western. I can't exactly remember the name of what we ordered, but I decided on this chicken "sandwich" (which was more of a burger). The chicken was fried and also included some kale and some sort of corn relish all in a honey basted bun. My mum ordered a crab and shrimp noodle dish which I had a bite of. I think I can say that the food was quite mediocre and didn't really quite hit the mark for me. The only thing that made it worth the visit...was probably the window. I just loved the space! I'm not really sure what it is about a space with large industrial windows that really draws me in. I can imagine it to the perfect location to spend a day at, catching up with someone or on some work.

In other news: I'm still in the process of finding the motivation to sift through all the photos from the tip. But hopefully I can be sharing my Japan photo diary soon :)  Watch this space!


  1. Yus more trip posts please! The food doesn't look very enticing heh but the space is gorgeous!

  2. The photos you take are on point 👌