Tuesday, 21 May 2013

170513 - 21st Birthday Party for da boyfriend :)  

Polaroids from my sister once again ^^

200513 - Birthday dinner at Groove Train at Eagle Street Pier :D Although I had hoped to have dinner on his actual birthday, Monday was the closest we could get since our schedules never really match up. So after uni that day, I took (technically he did since he drove...but that's irrelevant) the bf too Eagle Street Pier for a nice birthday dinner at Groove Train :D It was a casual setting but the view looking out on to the Brisbane River with all the sparkling lights on the water made it that little bit fancier :) 

Grooves Lamb Pizza - Nappoli sauce, mozarella cheese, roasted lamb (yummm), onion, black olives and spinach, topped with tzatziki ♥

The pasta was a special that day and I can't remember what was in it specifically but mainly consisted of chicken, mushroom and a really creamy sauce. 

After dinner, we looked at the dessert menu but decided that we should give our stomach a rest first so we took a nice (and quite long and chilly) stroll along the riverside :) Eventually our walk ended so it was time to decide on dessert. We were heading to Casamia but realised that it was closing at 10pm so it would have been quite rushed (since it was already 9.40pm already) so we headed to a little cafe next to Midam KBBQ for some warm drinks :) Hot chocolate for me and an Affogato for him. That hot chocolate definitely warmed me up :) 

Definitely a lovely night and wishing my bf a lovely and blessed 21st birthday :) ♥