Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Skinny Love

The long awaited night: Birdy concert <3

Special guest: Lakyn. Funny thing was that no one actually knew who he was until he actually said who he was after like the second song he sang...Heard so many people around me whisper "who is this guy..?" Turns out he was from the Voice last year. He was pretty amazing I must say..for a guy no one even knew haha.

Second special guest: Lewis Watson. He was amazing too..his voice, guitar and songs = ♥

It was AMAZING when Birdy finally came on stage! She is such a talented and lovely girl who is an AMAZING live performer. 

Photo courtesy of an instagrammer who was at the concert as well and she was standing in the front row and was able to take this amazing photo of Birdy. 

One of the best nights everrr!

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