Friday, 5 April 2013


040413 - Started off the day with brunch with my mum and sister at Cafe Di Luna at Sunnybank :) I ordered the Di Luna's Heart Breakfast and it was indeed very hearty and very filling. My mum ordered a grilled chicken, cheese, sundried tomato and avocado sandwich (which I got a bite of and it was yum!) and my sister a smoked salmon, cheese and avocado open grill :) Since I was having buffet at night this meal was pretty sufficient in lasting me throughout the whole day without having any other meals until dinner time...I had to make sure my stomach was empty before buffet so I could eat my money's worth! :D


Shabu House :) 

The moment I had waited for for the whole day! :D Buffet dinner at Shabu House in the city <3  I hadn't been there before but from stories heard, it seemed like a place definitely worth going to..and they were right! The buffet had the right amount of choices to keep you happy- sliced beef/pork, some seafood, udon and other noodles, sushi, vegetables and 'gum goo'! :D We all feasted and were pretty full by the end of it (although I could have had more of the vegetables..but didn't coz everyone had already stopped eating haha). Definitely worth going there again! 

One of my best friends knows me too well ^^ The most creative and awesome birthday card I've gotten! :) Running Man daebak!
My new baby. I can't believe my wish had come true!

So after dinner, they told me they were heading back to my house for some cake..but little did I know that they had planned something for me. When I got back home, in the garage.. my sister suddenly attacked me by blindfolding me and lead me to the living room (I had no idea what was happening) where all my truly amazing friends were all waiting for me to surprise me :D I had slight suspicion something was going on but nothing to this extent! :D I was seriously not expecting them to have decorated the living room, organised a cake and BOUGHT BE A GUITAR :O omg. Truly amazing. I love them all. And I guess it was all thanks to that guy standing right next to me :) - he's seriously amazing for organising the dinner, surprise, cake and present..pretty much everything! Way to make me feel extra special~! :3 I cannot thank him enough. It was definitely the most memorable birthday I have had and I am truly blessed with these amazing and lovely friends that God gave me. ♥

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