Saturday, 1 December 2012

What a fun few weeks it has been! Shopping, chilling, feasting, board games, hanging out with my favourite bunch of people.. I had waited so long for holidays!
Hmm let's start from the beginning...
The afternoon when my last assignment was handed in, I spent my first moments of freedom eating chocolate at Max Brennar with a few of my high school friends :) Although I was majorly sleep deprived, catching up with friends is always good. And I don't think food ever tasted so good.

The next day was a spent celebrating a friend's birthday with a group of church friends. It was also a day when it stormed pretty bad, so we were not able to spend it outdoors. But that didn't stop us from having fun :) After having lunch at Fasta Pasta, we went grocery shopping (which is surprisingly fun with a bunch of friends :P) for our hot pot dinner that night and went back to a friend's place to just chill :) 

After church and a BBQ lunch the next day, we (same people as the day before haha) went over to another friend's place to just chill- playing some super intense games of UNO and having a Japanese curry dinner that was cooked by the boys (Y)

Spending time with my church friends are my favourite - those kids never cease to make me laugh and we can make the most mundane things fun :) We have gotten fond of playing UNO and Taboo - they are always a must during our get togethers!

We went to DFO on Thursday for a shopping trip and it was pretty successful, even for the guys as well. Things were pretty cheap there and I was able to get the things that I wanted:

It was a "buy one pair and get the second pair for $10" deal at Novo, so my friend bought the heels for $25 (but I paid for half because we are 'sharing') and I bought the flats for $10. I have been wanting to buy a pair of black flats for a while, since my old ones are slowly deteriorating. And although these aren't fully black flats, I still like them :)

I needed to find a dress for my sister's graduation dinner and I found this one! :) It was only $30 and I really like it :) 

Next, I bought some jewellery from Rubi Shoes (the bracelets) and Ritual (the ring) for a few bucks each :)

This bag was from Rubi Shoes for $10 :) Good bargain indeed!

All the boys bought jeans from Levi's because it was apparently really cheap and most of them bought some shirts from Roger David. All in all, it was a pretty successful shopping trip for all of us :) We all ventured back to a friend's place to chill and of course, to play some UNO. Dinner was us making some pizza. I think some people were a little bit too creative with their pizzas and some ended up looking like a big pile of all the ingredients :P But I am sure they tasted good.

^These were my first purchases from online using my own card ;) Was pretty exciting and was so happy when they finally came because they took so long come from overseas! I love the denim vest and also the high waisted shorts (they are super comfy!) :)

Dinner with parents one week night :) I have to say the quality of this restaurant was not as good as it used to be :\ The drink^ was really nice though :) It was a mix of Sprite, raspberry sauce (or something like that) and ice cream :) yum!

  I am lucky enough to be able to see the sunrise from my bedroom window every morning :) But that is only if I actually wake up at that super early hour (which is not very often). But one particular morning, I woke up and glanced out my window to see this spectacular sunrise :) After admiring it for a while and being half asleep still, I turned around and went back to bed :P

I wanted to buy the carrot so bad, but I had to let it go. Gotta love IKEA though!

Holidays would not be holidays if there wasn't any baking involved. So I made these chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and heart shaped sprinkles :) 

More holiday adventures to come! :)

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