Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's Not Always Blue Skies

Thursday. The day of the week where I have to wake up really early for class. It's always difficult to decide whether Thursday is a good day or not- on one hand I have to wake up super early and go to uni and on the other, it's four hours in the studio drawing and then I spend the rest of the day doing whatever.

There was quite a buzz at the Myer Centre food court today. There was one of those performances where someone is doing acrobatic stuff while hanging/wrapped with fabric. It was quite peculiar but not as exciting as getting twenty $7 deal vouchers :D That means more trips to the city and cheap lunches! 

Speaking of lunches, bumped into my aunt and uncle at Sunnybank so mum and I had lunch with them at Sunnybank Oriental. At one point, my uncle asked me how I was finding my uni course; I froze for a second because I don't even know how I was finding it myself..In the end, I just said it was ok and that it was fun learning about it but there are times when I don't like it. (I wish everything will become clear to me soon).

I saw these today and thought they were really cute. The minds of children are so simple and naive. How I wish my mind could revert back to when it was like that.
I came across these various schools as I was casually looking through some stuff on the net. They're pretty snazzy. 

Vittra School Telefonplan
├śrestad College
Secondary school in Quebec, Canada
Rafael Arozarena High School