Sunday, 17 September 2017

These are a few of my favourite things

I'm back with some favourites! This one is a bit of a mixed bag and I'm pretty excited about some of them.

1. iPad Pro. I had been mulling over a drawing tablet vs. iPad Pro for over a year now. I had been wanting to draw things digitally and to write over my photos but didn't have the medium for it. And then, on one Friday night, I decided to go to the Apple store to "have a look at the iPad Pro" and...I caved in. The purchase hurt a little bit but it has been worth the investment. I've mainly been using the app 'Procreate' to sketch and draw over photos; I'm still experimenting with all of its different functions but it has definitely made sketching and digital sharing a lot easier.

2. Skarsta standing desk. This has been something that's also been long time coming. My back is prone to getting sore from sitting too long because of my scoliosis. A standing desk seemed to be a good alternative to alleviate this problem. This particular standing desk is from IKEA and it's a manual one that has a handle that lets you wind the table up and down accordingly.

Some food favourites:
3. Connoisseur - Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia ice cream sticks. There are few ice cream flavours that I would dub as one of my favourites (I take my ice cream flavours very seriously), but this one definitely deserves a top spot on my list. It is on the sweeter side but the nutty macadamia can balance out the sweetness a bit.

4. Dark chocolate maltesers. I'm not usually one for dark chocolate, so discovering that I preferred dark chocolate maltesers over milk chocolate maltesers surprised me. I found that with it being dark chocolate, it means that it's less sweet...which means you can eat more of it without getting sick of the sweetness (and who can complain about that?).

5. Dean Lewis. I had the chance to see the "Waves" singer in a gig last month and I'd say he's one of those artists who sounds better live than in recording. He has this very full-bodied voice that just makes your insides melt. He was also kind enough to join us in the crowd after the gig to do a meet and greet. On the topic of music, another artist who I've been enjoying is I Know Leopard (particularly 'Let Go', 'Spaceships', 'Rather Be Lonely'). 

6. Nip + Fab. I was introduced to this brand by a friend after expressing to her my frustration about my white/blackheads around my T-zone. I've always been bad at knowing what the ingredients in products do and which ones would be good for what I need. I decided on the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads and the Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel. After using these products for a few days, I had already noticed that a lot of my stubborn whiteheads around my nose had gone and my skin felt a lot more soft and smooth.

7. Loreal Pure Clay Mask - Exfoliate + Smooth. The reason for purchasing this was mostly because I was constantly seeing ads in Instagram about these new clay masks Loreal was producing. I decided to try one out and because I seemed to be going on a theme of 'exfoliation', I got the red algae one which is supposedly good to get rid of uneven/dead skin and give back your a "glow". Surprisingly enough, I have noticed a brighter and clearer complexion - maybe from a combination of this mask and the Nip + Fab products.

8. My "grandpa" pants. This is probably my favourite-ist thing over the past few months. I call them my grandpa pants because of the pattern and its slouchy silhouette. They're a purchase from Kmart from a while back when I was in need of a pair of comfy pants, and this pair ticks all the boxes. I mostly wear them at home or to places wear I'm not seeing many people, but they can also definitely be worn with a tucked in top and some Birks/sandals for a super casual look.

(Also, shoutout to my new banner! I thought it was time to get some new jars. Sketched by yours truly using Procreate).

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