Thursday, 21 April 2016

Morning After | West End

 So this post is a bit of an interlude to the Japan Diary. I couldn't really wait until I had finished the Japan diary to post this because I just love the look of this cafe so much that I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. The cafe is called Morning After. It's a place at West End that was recommended to me by a friend who said their coffee was pretty top. But as with most cafes, it's usually the decor that is the deciding factor for whether I go or not. And this one definitely did not disappoint in that department. This cafe pretty much ticked everything on the list of "Top Trends in Interior Design 2016" with the popular and classic combination of the wooden, white and concrete surfaces, metallic accents and patches of greenery. 

Cafe food is typically quite overpriced for the portion size and the expensive price tag is usually only compensated by the presentation of the food and cafe decor. The food that we got was no exception to this. I decided on the carbonara papardelle which was good, but not great. And same goes for the rest of the food that we ordered. So to answer the question, "Would you go again?" I would probably say, "Only for the decor and to sit on their green couches that are oddly comforting to touch."

It seems like mediocre food but excellent decor is the common trend for the cafes that I've been visiting recently. I guess the search for cafes that are able to tick both boxes continues.. 

In the meantime, I am enjoying freedom from an assignment that has been slowly killing us for the past couple of weeks. And as I'm sitting here sipping on a matcha frappe, all I'm thinking is that freedom has never tasted so sweet. 
Both figuratively and literally.   

Sorrynotsorry for the bad pun. 

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