Thursday, 11 April 2013

Part II - Cloudland

Cloudland: A jungle. But a sophisticated one. 

The bridal party

Part 2 the reception was held at Cloudland. I was FINALLY able to check that place out since the design inside is really funky and super cool from what I heard. And it was definitely what was expected but even cooler since I was actually there to see it! Although it was at night and lights were all dim inside, it was still super exciting to finally see the decor and design. Pretty much everything about the place was amazing (my photos don't really show it but it was..really) - the drinks were amazing, the bathroom was amazing, the lights were amazing, the chairs were amazing and the food was average. 

It was a fun (but very long) night that continued the celebration of the marriage of Evan and Janice. There were many laughs, smiles and for some..a few too many drinks which lead to a pretty unexpected showdown on the dance floor. Definitely a night to remember :)  

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