Saturday, 3 November 2012

"And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep"

Such a beautiful music video! Love her and Paris! (and the guy is not too bad either :P)

Taylor Swift's new album came out last week and although I am yet to buy a copy of it, I have already listened to a majority of the songs (I couldn't help myself! ^^) and I have to say that 'State of Grace' (acoustic version) is one of my favourite tracks :) I just loooveee acoustic ♥

 Since it's crunch time with uni, I always need music to keep me from going insane. So besides Taylor, I found some other music; and no surprise they are all acoustic as well ^_^

I can't say I'm a fan of Delta Goodrem but I can't say I'm not a fan of her either. This song is probably the only song of hers that has made a mark for me: Wish You Were Here

Also, I do admit that I have (for some insane reason) become a fan of One Direction. HOWEVER, I have not become one of those screaming, uncontrollable fan girls who cry at the sight of them...Some of their songs are actually quite nice and almost all their songs are extremely catchy and get stuck in your head in the most inconvenient of times...This one (here) is one of those nice acoustic ones :) It's written by Ed Sheeran so, NO WONDER IT'S SO GOOD :D

Kpop is also another thing I rarely admit to liking (but not a thing I'm embarrassed about..since there's some pretty good music there hehe) Here is a few Korean songs I've been listening to :)
Park Bom- "Don't Cry" (on repeat at the moment! And yes, it's acoustic)
Zion. T - "Click Me" (some nice beats there)
Lee Hi - "1234" (this is her debut single. She's also the girl featuring in the next song)
 Epik High ft. Lee Hi -"It's Cold"

Unedited photo of the sunset from our yacht at Whitsundays last year. I WANT TO BE THERE AGAIN.

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